Both the Automotive industry and Luxury market weigh less than the Cultural industry.

The net turnover of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in France is 61.4 billion euros versus 60.4 billion for Automotive, and 52.5 for Luxury, according to a study by EY Consultancy.
The objective of the study is educational: to better make known the economic reality of the cultural sectors, but also to debunk the conventional wisdom in France and Brussels, according to which culture is simply "an abyss to financing and public subsidies" as say people familiar with the subject.
Looking at the different sectors, Graphic and Plastic Arts (museums, galleries, art sales, design, etc.) topped with 19.8 billion in direct and indirect revenue, also in terms of jobs (307,716).
TV weighs in with 14.9 billion euros and 176,467 jobs, Music 8.6 billion and 240,874 jobs, the Performing Arts (theater, dance, opera, musicals, etc.) 8.4 billion and 267,713 jobs, Video Games 5 billion and 23,635 jobs, and Cinema 4.4 billion and 105,890 jobs.
The study also notes that despite the crisis, the employment rate in CCI in Europe rose 3.5% on average per year between 2000 and 2007.
"There are some sectors which are not included, such as manufacturing of musical instruments – and moreover a strong export industry” - he adds.
"When one speaks of excellence, one generally thinks of Pharmaceuticals, Aeronautics, Luxury, Tourism, but rarely Culture - yet this is one of the rare sectors which has a positive trade balance," pursued Marc Lhermitte,  EY Associate.
(Source: with the AFP)